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OPEX is a multi-tier architecture with the GUI front end, business logic and database. The technologies include Sun Microsystems Solaris Operating System, Apache Tomcat application server, Java, and Oracle RDBMS. It consists of 8 distinct applications.

  • Trader Workstation (TW)
  • Broker Workstation (BW)
  • Administrator Workstation (AW)
  • Broker Reporting System
  • Billing System
  • CFTC Reporting System
  • Block Trade System
  • Confirmation System

The platform can execute orders for a large variety of order types, such as calls, puts, straddles, fences, condors, etc. Trading platform has been certified to connect with a major American electronic trading and clearing platform. Major investment banks have used the system to trade sophisticated commodity contracts.


PickMeApp is a simple plug 'n play software application that allows transferring programs, and maintaining all current personal preferences, without any need to allocate HD or repeat any lengthy install processes. PickMeApp guides user through the transition process using a simple, intuitive interface - similar to the 'Add and Remove Programs'. PickMeApp works with Microsoft Office and much more! Quickly and easily moves other kinds of business applications, like Adobe Acrobat, your favorite games, social networking programs such as Skype or Yahoo Messenger, as well as photo albums like Picasa. PickMeApp can be used for:

  • Storing back-up of the application and settings
  • Transitioning applications from any PC to another one
  • Installing an application with same predefined settings on several computers
  • Bulk application installation


   The JetTekFIX family of products includes testing tools, reporting facilities, and CameronFIX performance improvements. We have completely developed the following products:

   Speedometer for CameronFIX is a Java app for Load and Latency monitoring across multiple FIX engines. It supports Customized Alert thresholds and allows visual displaying of Latency and Throughput in network connections for both buy and sell-side.

   Benefits - Buy-Side

  • Evaluate executing brokers responsiveness - make routing decisions based on current performance.
  • Detect problems as they occur.

   Benefits - Sell-Side

  • Identify high-volume connections - who is generating the load.
  • Detect over-target latency conditions before customers start calling.
  • Detect performance problems as they happen.

   FIXTester for CameronFIX is a Java app supporting multiple test features for FIX connections, building or copy and paste FIX messages from a template, support for simultaneous multiple sessions as well as messages scripting.


  • Reduce errors introduced in new production releases.
  • Recreate problem scenarios in development and QA environments.


   Wastehound is a a multi-tier .NET application with the GUI front end, business logic and MS SQL RDBMS. Running on Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, Windows XP and the Windows Server 2003 family of operating systems this ERP system perfectly oriented on waste business that allows better perspective of customer's entire supply chain process and helps to reduce stock and increase customer service.

   Benefits - Sell-Side

  • Inventory controls to allow major reductions in tied-up capital
  • Increasing customer service demands
  • Continuous product picking
  • Regular re-supply changes
  • High-quality/low-cost service demands
  • Electronic order reception
  • Scalability and flexibility
  • Reduced debtor days through rapid shipping
  • A reliable and timely return on your IT investment
  • Comprehensive functionality for G/L bookkeeping, reconciliation, closing and reporting
  • Flexible accounting rules
  • Intelligent invoicing, including electronic billing, tax and fees handling
  • Complete credit, cash, budget asset and banking management
  • Consolidation and group reporting
  • Demand history: Automatic analysis and suggested best method.

Mpeg2Transcoder (Unix Version)

This product allows, under operating system Linux Ubuntu: capturing video and audio stream over UDP, decoding of flows, resizing video, changing the bitrate, transcoding data and sending data by UPD. Also added the ability to manage the process of transcoding from a remote PC using a web interface.

In the product supports the following video and audio formats: MP4, Mpeg2, H.264, VC1, AAC, AMR, WMA. For the encoding, decoding, multiplexing, demultiplexing, changing the settings of video and audio data using following components:, MainConcept Mpeg Multiplexer / Demultiplexer, MainConcept MP4 Encoder / Decoder, MainConcept H.264 Encoder / Decoder, MainConcept Mpeg2 Encoder / Decoder, MainConcept VC1 Encoder / Decoder, MainConcept AAC Encoder / Decoder, MainConcept AMR Encoder / Decoder, MainConcept WMA Encoder / Decoder.


  C/C++, MainConcept Linux Low Level SDK.

Main Customers:

   SmartExe Ltd